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Our starting point is always the client.....

our event
design process
  • what would you like to adopt as the theme for your event or programme (eg leadership development, improving communication)?

  • Do you have a particular challenge that you would like to address?

  • Do you know what type of event you would like us to design (eg conference keynote, Development Day session etc)?

  • What is your budget for the event (this will guide as to whether it may be feasible to engage an ensemble as part of the event)?

  • Where will the event be held (ie what facilities/resources will be available)?


(eg this example is for a 3 hour thematic workshop)

1 Exposition

Music as a model

Using the world of music as the context, as seen through the models of music ensembles, musicians' values and working practices and the conductor, we will explore the particular theme that your have chosen - therefore the focus of the exposition will differ depending on the theme(s) of the event - for example, a leadership event may discuss and analyse the role of the conductor and use examples of great conductors whereas an event focusing on teamwork will centre on the concept of the orchestra as a high-performing team. Intriguing examples, anecdotal tales and a variety of media will be a-plenty to ensure that delegates are engaged from the off! 

3 Transposition

In this section of the event we will ensure that the key themes, learning and messaging that have been demonstrated by using music as a metaphor, through the Exposition and Development sections, are transposed into something that is meaningful for your people within their workplace. At this point we will more fully explore the Corporate Conservatoire Values Framework and may draw on established business models that will be familiar to delegates such as the high-performing team or a particular model of leadership characteristics in order to aid the transposition of the concepts. We will help the delegates to vision how they will take the learning forward within their own roles to best effect in order to ensure a long-lasting effect that will ultimately add value.

2 Development Section

Music as a tool 

Using music as a tool, we will continue to explore and demonstrate the themes that were the focus of the Exposition in the form of interactive workshops/sessions. This may involve the delegates themselves in the form of a percussion, vocal or composition workshop or may include professional musicians from a string quartet to a full chamber orchestra! You may wish your leaders to experience the act of conducting an ensemble or for your team to achieve 'high-performing' team status as they wrestle with musical activities which are designed to underline the key messages that you wish to be conveyed. 

Go Team
4 Cadance

The Cadance marks the final stage of our event where we will reflect on the session and the learning that has taken place. 

Ultimately, at this point, our goal is to witness inspired delegates who will go forward with enthusiasm, commitment and engagement as a result of their experience. They will have been presented with a fresh, perhaps surprising perspective which will serve to invigorate and energise and, ultimately, add value to your organisation. 

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