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The power of music is undeniable. Whether a pop song that evokes long-forgotten memories, a rendition of a national anthem that surfaces passion or a disco favourite that has you dancing until you drop, music provides the soundtrack to our lives. However, music can offer us much more than entertainment coupled with an emotional reaction - it can also be a force for business transformation.


Music as a metaphor for business is becoming a well documented field. Musical ensembles, from string quartets to symphony orchestras, provide a model for organisations, offering us simple yet powerful examples of high performing teams in action, displaying a mastery of nuanced communications, providing symbols of flexibility and agility that most organisations can only dream of and, with the conductor at the helm, may truly claim that effective leadership is alive and well. Corporate Conservatoire seeks to harness this metaphor by delving into the mechanics of the ensemble and uncovering the values that drive musicians whilst embedding it in proven management theory and practice in order to provide creative, innovative and meaningful events that will inspire and move your people whilst reinforcing the key messages that you wish to be conveyed.

Corporate Conservatoire achieves transformation by illustrating successful leadership,

management principles and approaches through the passion and emotion that music

evokes and the simplicity of the model of the orchestra and conductor. Led by Simon, 

he will convey the key messages and themes through not only his own experiences as

a conductor but by illustrating with approaches taken by some of the world's greatest

conductors. We can then take these key themes and embed them in practical and creative workshops that will encourage leaders to think differently about their approach to leadership, teams to experience what it is to be a 'high performing team' and demonstrate communication skills and an alternative values framework in an impactful and creative way.













Whether you are seeking a fun ice-breaker with which to open an Away Day, a team-building exercise to forge links in a new team, a seminar to emphasise a particular theme such as the importance of effective communication, a conference key-note to illustrate effective leadership qualities or a longer term programme to effect real culture change, we will provide a bespoke offering that will not only fulfill your needs but will seek to exceed your expectations.   As the client, you can define the corporate theme(s) that you would like to explore and the desired level of interaction and we will take that as our prompt to design a bespoke solution that is most appropriate to the organisation's needs. Alternatively, if you aren't too sure of specifics then we are able to talk you through some generic ideas for events that might help to focus the approach so don't worry if you don't initially quite know what you want.  Additionally, Corporate Conservatoire is able to scale the event to your budget. From a session that involves one presenter, to the staging of a full chamber orchestra and everything in-between, we will tailor to your needs and resources.


We are based in Dudley, West Midlands, UK, but are very happy to hit the road to get to where you are - nationally and internationally. We will also guarantee that you will work directly with the founders of Corporate Conservatoire - Simon and Andrea - it is their passion upon which this enterprise is built. 

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