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in people, teams

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"to be successful, you have to think of yourself as an orchestra conductor. A conductor may not be an expert at each instrument, but he knows how to make all of them work together harmoniously and make beautiful sound” (Bill Rancic)


Our areas of expertise:


  • Leadership Development

  • Managing Change

  • Teamwork

  • Creating high-performing teams

  • Effective communication

  • Creating the vision

  • Wellbeing in the workplace


Our methods are appropriate for all sectors - private, public and not-for-profit - if you have teams, managers or leaders then we have something to offer!

Success in any organisation can be traced to one thing - people. We believe passionately in the power of music to inspire transformation in people, teams and organisations through teambuilding events and leadership development programmes. Our concept is built on a body of research and extensive expertise, knowledge and experience in music, leadership and management and we offer a range of bespoke events to support your requirements, from conference energisers and team building activities through to the enhancement of leadership development programmes and the support of the wellbeing of employees through our Musician-in-Residence scheme.  Music acts as a simple yet powerful metaphor for business - we use ensembles as a model for organisational themes (eg teamworking, effective communication), the role of conductor as an exemplar for leadership skills, music as a tool to inspire delegates through interactive workshops and activities and a values framework to transpose all of that into something that is meaningful for your organisation. Delivered through bespoke events that meet your needs, Corporate Conservatoire will add value to your organisation and, most importantly, leave a lasting impression on your people. Take a look at Our Services to gain an insight into what we can offer - or simply contact us to discuss your needs. 

  • Authentic, extensive and relevant        experience and expertise in music,        leadership and management;

  • All events led by an international conductor;

  • Passion about what we do that is guaranteed to inspire;

  • We will work with you to create a bespoke solution - what's challenging you? What type of event do you require? What's your budget?

  • innovative and compelling events that will inspire and engage;

  • sensitivity to delegates' comfort zone - challenge without discomfort;

  • Outcomes focussed 


Co-founder Simon is featured by Sandro Forte, highly respected and successful businessman, in his podcast series which is centred around personal 

development. Find out more....

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Corporate Conservatoire Director, Simon, international conductor, is featured as a guest on the podcast of Sandro Forte, highly respected and successful businessman, who features a range of well-known individuals, sports stars and celebrities in his series about personal development.

Listen to the podcast to hear more from Simon about what makes him tick.......

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